Pepsi vs Cola

Hello everyone,

So today we were talking about MAC vs PC. This ad is for.. well you’ll figure it out.

I just wanted to point out how they are trying to change the attitude towards the brand. The guy who’s tasting the cokes is brand loyal to Coca-Cola, he is certain he will make the right decision about it. If you look in carefully you will see that its an employee ‘moral’ meeting. After this competition all of the employees of Coca-cola will be very unhappy. For social purposes, this guy who’s tasting is from the community of Coca-cola however he doesn’t feel like an outsider when he chooses Pepsi, on the other hand he is happier and more satisfied. He is also a simple worker – a rank is not introduced- from the company and can fit to any one.

It uses sensory marketing such as tasting even though you don’t experience it, the advertisement gives you the idea that Pepsi tastes better than Coca-Cola. They are comparing the taste of competing products to a loyal customer. The guy says its an unbridled love (i think so) which is a very strong and uncontrolled love.

People who consume Coca-cola have high attitude with confidence, persistence and resistance which is very hard to change for Pepsi.

In the end, Pepsi recites that this commercial is for Canada and why Canadians choose Pepsi, this appeals to the culture and social context of the commercial.

Pepsi make it look like it will be an easy transition from a brand that you are already loyal to its biggest competition, without thinking any consequence.