AVIS is No. 2. We Try Harder

Last class, we saw the effectiveness of of Buckleys “Tastes Awful, But It Works” ad campaign. The reason it was so effective was because by mentioning a negative aspect of the product, it conveyed honesty to the viewers. However, as discussed in class, this approach worked for Buckley’s because the customers were looking for a product to make them feel better, not a product that necessarily tasted good. It would be much more difficult to use this kind of approach for other products.  


When Avis, a car rental company, was struggling behind the market leader Hertz, they came up with a brilliant ad campaign with a bold statement: “Avis is only No.2.”This ad was extremely credible to the customers due to the honesty of this statement along with its clean, non-fluffy, straight to the point message stating that Avis worked harder than Hertz because they were only no.2. 

Thanks to this ad, Avis sales rose from a 10% annual increase to a 35% annual increase and “We Try Harder” became one of the most famous campaigns.