Tropicana’s Guerilla Marketing

I saw an ad campaign for Tropicana (which began in early August) everywhere in NYC during Thanksgiving weekend that not only caught my eye, but made me want to look up more information about it online. I found myself wanting to read the different posters anytime I saw them in the city.

For their campaign, Tropicana is using real tweets from customers using the #worstmorningever hashtag on Twitter. These complaints get posted on billboards (for example, in Times Square), buses, inside and outside the subway cars, and on posters around the city.

Not only did the ads catch my eye because of their color (bright yellow with either blue or pink), but also because they were humorous. This creates a personal relevance to the ads as I’m sure most people can relate to these “worst morning” stories and it engages them emotionally.

Tropicana ad example

Here are some other examples of the ad campaign:

Although these types of ad campaigns draw a lot of attention from consumers, do you think they result in purchase intentions?